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Iscte's teaching and research staff's performance evaluation system

Performance Evaluation

The purpose of this system is to operationalize the process of evaluating the performance of teachers and researchers at Iscte - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa. The evaluation has as its goal the performance of the faculty regarding the general functions that are statutorily committed to them and is carried out through the evaluation of the following aspects: Research, Teaching, University Extension and Academic Management.

Mid-semester Assessment

The mid-semester assessment consists of an evaluation process (carried out between the 5th and 6th weeks of classes) by the students of each course (for each curricular year / semester). The process is initiated through joint reflections of all students in the class, where the class delegate collects the opinions and testimonies of colleagues to later summarize and submit them here at I-MERITUS.


The I-MERITUS system was developed in light of the various regulations for evaluating the performance and service of teachers and researchers published in the Diário da República. All information related to this process of evaluating the performance of teachers and researchers (including orders issued by the Rector or Evaluation Committee) is available in I-MERITUS in the Documents section.